Meta tags provide information about the content of your website to internet search engines.

You can edit your meta tags by going to Admin Menu » Settings » Meta Tags. These settings affect every page of your site.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords


Your website title is the text displayed at the very top of your browser. Because the website title is used by the search engines to “file” your site in their index, it is an important part of your site. A poorly chosen title will put you in an inappropriate search engine “file”, making it difficult for potential clients to find you. For the real estate industry, a good title will include your geographical location and your business specialty, i.e. Chicago Commercial Real Estate. Search Engines will commonly only read about 10 words of the website title, so you should make your title brief and to the point.


The meta description gives the search engine a paragraph of text that describes what your page is about. The search engine will then use this paragraph of text in it’s results pages for your website instead of using their own algorithms to grab select content from your page. Additionally the text contained here will be used by search engines to match up additional key phrases for search results matching.


Your keywords are phrases that you believe are relevant to your business AND that people are likely to use in search engines to find services and information.

A keyword is not just a single word, but a phrase that a searcher uses to find information in a search engine. Someone looking for a certain type of real estate in Minnesota might use the key term “Minnesota lakefront vacation home.”

Just a few examples that you may wish to include on your website include:

  • homes for sale
  • home for sale
  • real estate for sale
  • vacation homes
  • vacation home rental
  • beachfront home
  • new home
  • condo for sale
  • apartment rental
  • residential real estate
  • real estate agent in
  • house rental
  • mls listings
  • commercial real estate
  • commercial rentals
  • building for sale

This is only a partial list. Please use these suggestions together with a place name to target your site more closely to searches.

  • Pensacola beachfront home
  • Pittsburgh mls listings
  • Idaho new home

Note: Due to the prevalence of using keywords to spam search engines, this field is often overlooked by search engines. It will not hurt you to include words in here, but it will not necessarily help you, either. Taking time to develop a strong, descriptive Website Title will help you more, as well as including fresh and relevant content on the page itself. Take some time to think about how people looking for your services may search for you then write down 15-25 phrases describing your business. Once you have this done, use the Search Suggestion tool to see how often searchers used these phrases over the past month. This will help you determine which keywords are the most helpful to your website. Include the most important keywords in your Website Title.

Search Suggestion tool