Auto-response emails are automated emails sent to visitors when they contact you through your site forms, register or request HouseTrack listing notifications. Use your creative skills to enhance your messaging and promotion of your services.
We have already provided default auto-response content for you. Changing the content is optional.

You can set your auto-response email preferences by going to Admin Menu » Settings » Auto-Response Emails.
Remember to click the “Save Settings” button to confirm your changes.

Edit Auto-Response Textback to top

Custom auto-response options are available for:

  • Client Registration
  • HouseTrack Reports
  • Contact Me or Contact Us Forms

From the Auto-Response Emails page select which auto-response email you would like to create a custom response for.
Update the options as follows:

This will be the subject of the email.

  • Enter the desired subject line.

This is the content or text of the email body.

  • Make the needed changes to the text.
  • Click “Save Email Settings” when complete.

Using HTML coding is not suggested as this may break the coding.
A Note About Macros:
Special macros are available to auto fill content provided by our service. (See Macros below)
Warning: Please do not delete the following special macros from your auto-response emails:

  • {AccountRegistrationInformation}
  • {SearchCriteria}
  • {HousetrackData}

Signaturesback to top

A “Signature” can be added to the bottom of the email. Checking “Signature” will show the text that is included in the signature.

To view and edit the Signature check the “Include Signature” box.

  • Click the Edit link to make changes.
  • Click “Save Signature” to save your updates.

Note: Editing the Signature will change the signature anywhere where the Signature feature is used.

About Macrosback to top

A macro is a code that pulls information from a database and inserts it in place of the macro. Uh, ok… so what does that mean?

Think mail merge. You’re sending out a letter and want to customize the salutation to each individual. John’s letter should start “Dear John,”, Sally’s letter should start “Dear Sally,”.

You can do the same thing in the emails that you send to your clients from your IDXPro website. Your clients’ names and other basic information is available for you to use. Here is a list of the macros available to you:

  • {FirstName}
  • {LastName}
  • {FullName}
  • {PW} – this is your client’s password (if they have one)
  • {Email}
  • {Phone}

Hint: Copy and paste the macro from the examples list to reduce the chance of typos

Warning: Please do not delete the following special macros from your auto-response emails:

  • {AccountRegistrationInformation}
  • {SearchCriteria}
  • {HousetrackData}

These are used by our system to insert important data like a new user’s account information or HouseTrack search results into their email.