You can edit your listing display preferences by going to Admin Menu » Settings » Map Display.
Remember to click the “Save Settings” button to confirm your changes.

You can display a customized Google map showing listing locations and details on search results pages. Maps are similar to the popular Google Maps but have been enhanced to provide pertinent listing and real estate information.

Show or Hide Map
Check “Show map on search results pages ” display a map on search results pages.
Select the map positioning using the alignment options – Top or Bottom.
Uncheck the “Show map on search results pages ” to hide the map.

Mouse Wheel Zoom On Maps
Some computer mouse’s provide a zoom wheel button to scroll pages. On maps, this wheel will zoom the view in and out. Visitors may experience frustration while using the zoom wheel when scrolling the page up and down as this may also zoom the map in an out at the same time.
Check “Disable mouse wheel zoom on maps” to turn this feature off. Page scrolling will still work.

Default Map Type
Map type refers to the underlying display of the map. Several options are available as shown below.
Using the dropdown menu select a type: Terrain, Roadmap, Satellite or Hybrid.
These settings can be overridden by the user to their individual preferences.