You can edit your listing display preferences by going to Admin Menu » Settings » Listing Display.
Remember to click the “Save Settings” button to confirm your changes.

We offer several options to display listing details on search results pages and listing details pages. Some options noted below may not be available for every MLS due to MLS restrictions.

Hide/Show Listing Addresses
Check “Hide all listing street addresses” to hide address on search results pages and listing detail pages.

Default Listing Sort Order
You can change the default sort order for listings search results. Select the default sort order from the drop down menu.

Highlight Your Listings
Give your listings priority in search results. Your listings will be displayed first and highlighted for search results.
Check the “Highlight your listings and display them first in MLS search results” to display your listings first.

Show “New” icon for new listings
A “New” icon will be displayed in search results for MLS listings falling within the set number of days.
Check the box to display the icon and enter the number of days a listing must be to display the icon.

Apply For A Loan Link
You can show or hide an “Apply For Pre-Approval/Loan” link which is visible when viewing a listing detail page.
Check the box to display the link or uncheck to hide the link.
- Use Default Link will use our default loan provider.
- Use Custom Link will link to your loan provider. Enter the link to the website for your loan provider.

Use Pan & Zoom Effects For Listing Detail Slide Shows
Listing detail pages provide a slide show of listing photos. Pan and zoom effects will automatically animate the image by panning and zooming the image in the slide show.
Check this option to activate pan and zoom.