Your Traffic Report is a powerful tool allowing you to see how many visitors have been visiting your website, what pages have been getting the most traffic, and where that traffic has been coming from.


Clicking on the Traffic Report button in your Admin Menu will take you to an overview of the last week’s traffic.

At the top, there is a bar chart with a day to day breakdown of how many page views your website has received. As you hold your mouse over one of the bars, it will also tell you how many unique visits your website received that day.

On the bottom left, there is a chart that shows where last week’s traffic came from. It shows you what percent of traffic came from typing in your website address, from following a link from another site, or from an internet search.

On the bottom right, there is a list of the top five most viewed pages for the week.

Most Viewed Pages

This page shows which of your website pages have been viewed and how many times. It ranks the pages in order from the most to the least popular. You can choose what time period to run the report for.

Visit Totals

This page shows you the page views for the current month along with some summary data like the high and low days, averages, etc. There are 2 bar charts: one showing the current month by day, and one showing the current year by month. You can choose a different month/year combination to see previous months. You can also hold your mouse over any of the bars to see how many unique visits there were for that day or month.

Referral Links

This page is simply a list of every referral link that leads into your website. They are ordered by date, most recent first. There is also a chart showing a percentage breakdown of how people entered your website: by typing in the address (or using a bookmark), by following a link from another website, or by doing an internet search. You can choose what time period to do the report for.


Page Views:
When someone views one of your pages. Every time a page is viewed it counts as a single “hit”. Only real people are counted by our system (including you), never search engine bots or spiders.

Unique Visits:
A single visit to your website usually consists of a single person coming in, viewing several pages, and then leaving. If a person remains idle on your site for more than 30 minutes and then comes back and starts browsing again, it counts as a new visit.

Referral Links:
Where someone came from to get to your website. There are 3 main classifications:

They typed in the address (or had your page bookmarked)
They clicked on a link in another website
They found you by searching on one of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo.