What Are Featured Listings?

You can choose to feature up to three of your own listings on the main page (Quick Search) of your site. Our system will automatically check the MLS for your listings and make them available to use on your site as a Featured Listing.

Displaying your listings on your site is optional. Only listings available in the MLS will be available for this service.

Find Your Listings

To display Featured Listings you must first find your listings on the MLS to include them on your site. We have provided a Find Your Listings tool to find and include listings on the site.

You can find your listings by going to Admin Menu » Featured Listings.

  • From the Featured Listings page under “Find My Listings” enter the MLS# and State of a current listing in your MLS.
  • Click the “Find Listings” button
  • You will be presented with a list of active listings. If the listings are your listings click the “These ARE my listings” button.
  • If the listings ARE NOT your listings click the “Not my listings” button and try your search again being careful to check for the correct MLS number and state.
  • Once you have included the listings for your site you can select which listings to display in your Featured Listings section – See “Showing & Hiding Featured Listings” below.

Showing & Hiding Featured Listings

You can set your featured listings preferences by going to Admin Menu » Featured Listings.

Show/Hide Featured Listings

  • To show Featured Listings check the “Show Featured Listings on Homepage” at the bottom of the page.
  • To hide Featured Listings un-check the “Show Featured Listings on Homepage”
  • Click Save to update your settings.

Selecting Which Listings To Display

A list of your listings should be shown on the Featured Listings section. If you have listings in the MLS but do not see them in the Featured Listings section please contact Customer Support.

  • Click the “Featured” button to turn off a featured listing.
  • Listings that are not featured are displayed as “Not Featured” – Click the “Not Featured” button to feature a listing.

If no listings are selected as “Featured”, the featured listings section will not appear on your main page.

My Listings Page

Your account includes a page to display your listings. Listings are automatically updated from the MLS and can be displayed as a page using the link provided in the Featured Listings page in the Admin Menu. The link can be used on other website’s, blogs and in emails to invite people to view your listings.