Lead Funnel uses statuses to help track and manage leads by offering a visual snapshot of your lead management efforts. The Manage Statuses section allows you to set-up and manage the view of the Lead Funnel that reflects your lead management workflow. See Lead Funnel for more about this process.

Default Statuses

A set of default statuses has been provided to get you started. You can use our default set of lead statuses or create your own custom ones – and then order them to create a funnel that meets your needs.

Default Statuses Include:

  • New
  • Followup 1
  • Followup 2
  • PreClient Meeting
  • Client
  • Sold
  • Not Interested
  • Stale
  • Fake

Changing or Modifying Statuses

From the Manage Statuses section you can change the order, name, add new statuses and mark statuses as active leads.

From the Admin Menu select LeadTracker then select Manage Statuses.

Modify and existing status

From the Manage Statuses page select the Edit link for the status you would like to modify.

Change the name, Active Lead status then click Save.

Reorder Statuses

To rearrange the order of the statuses click and drag the cross icon up or down. Release the click when the status is in the desired order.

Add A New Status

To add a new status enter the name in the status field at the bottom of the page (next to the Add New Status Value button. Click the button to add the new status.