The Lead Funnel tool helps you keep track of your entire client database on one simple easy to read page. Whenever a client signs up on your site they will automatically be added into the ‘New’ status to help you keep track of them. On the lead Funnel page you will get an overview of your current clients and what status they are in. Lead Funnel will help you make sure you do not neglect or forget any leads you have received in your iHOUSE Elite Website.

Lead Funnel Page

Reading the Lead Funnel page is very straightforward. You will see rows of different statuses with a number associated with each different status. This number informs you how many clients you have in that current status.

To view all of the clients currently under a particular status, just click on the status you would like to see and a list will appear of all clients under that status.

Changing a client status

When you would like to move a client from one status to another, find the client you would like to edit in the client database, click on the clients name then hit the green edit button in the upper right corner. Find the drop down and click on the new status you would like. Then hit save.

Manage Statuses

The statuses can also be changed, added or removed in the manage statuses menu. Under the ‘LeadTracker’ tab, you will find the Manage Statuses menu. New statuses can be added on the bottom of the page by typing in the name, then clicking the ‘add new statuses value’ button.

Statuses can be reordered by simply clicking and dragging the status up or down. A status can be removed by simply hitting the Red X icon located on the far right of the status name. The name of a status can be changed by simply hitting the edit button which will then allow you to edit the name and hit save. You can also mark certain statuses as containing Active Leads or not which gives you a visual indication of which groups of leads are still in play.