Your Client Database in the LeadTracker™ section of your Admin Menu provides a complete list of all the registered visitors from your website.

Client Database Overview

On the Client Database page you will find a complete list of your registered website visitors (clients). You can search for specific clients by name or email address. You can sort your client list by first name, last name, most recent visit, or newest account. From here you can also export your contact list.

Your list of contacts initially provides you with the contact’s name, telephone number, and email address. Click the client’s name to view more detailed information for that client. If you click on the client’s email address, your default email software program will open with a new message to that client. On the left, you can click the green edit link to edit the client’s details.

To delete a client click the “Delete this client”. Note: Deleting a client permanently the deletes the record.

You can also add a “Tag” for each client. Tags are used to categorize clients into different groups for easy management.

Exporting Your Client List

To export your list of registered users, go to your Client Database page in the LeadTracker section of the Admin Menu.
Click the “Export” button at the bottom of the page. When the download box comes up, click “Save to Disk”. Your contacts will now be saved on your computer as a CSV named myleads.csv (Comma Separated Value) file. A CSV file is easily opened by Excel.

Viewing Client Details

To view detailed contact and activity information for a client, click on the Client’s name from your Client Database. This will take you to that client”s Client Details page. The first section of the Client Details page is contact information. This is where you can find the clients email address, phone number and additional information.

Under the Contact Information, you will see the additional client details organized by several tabs labeled Notes – Visits – Saved Searches – Saved Listings.
Click a tab to view the additional details.

Notes – This is the section where you can write specific notes based on the client’s needs. Did you email the client? Note it here. Did you talk to the client and learn that his dream home has a pool with a waterfall? Note it here.

Visits – This tells you everything that the client was doing on your IDX search page in chronological order. It lists all the listings the client has viewed, which ones he saved, what searches he has performed, which were saved and when the client was on your site. Simply click the links provided to view the actual listings. When clients return to your site and login, their future activity will also be recorded here.

Saved Searches – This list shows client saved searches. You can turn on HouseTrack automated email updates for any client saved search by clicking the “turn on” link. Alternately you can turn off HouseTracks by clicking the “turn off ” link.

Saved Listings – This list shows client saved listings.

Editing Client Details

When you view a client’s detail page, you will see a green “Edit” link in the upper right corner. Click this link to edit the client’s information.

Here you can edit the client’s name, email address, and phone number, in addition to adding an additional contact number. The client’s account password (if you require clients to use a password) is also provided.
You can change your registration settings from the Settings:Registration section of your Admin Menu If a client contacts you asking for their password, you can retrieve it for them here.

Below the contact information, you can make notes regarding the client.

After making any edits to the client’s details, always hit the “Save Changes” button.