1) I’m new to IDXPro, what do I need to do to complete basic set up?
There are a few basic steps to walk through in order to optimize the lead generating ability of IDXPro. You can best view these steps in our Getting Started section. Also, please be sure to read our article on How to Add IDXPro to Your Website.

2) What is LeadTracker™ and how do I use it to get more clients?
LeadTracker is a tool that helps brokers and agents to have a better idea of what their website visitors are searching for on the MLS. Your LeadTracker system offers a client activity report that shows your client’s first visit, last visit, number of visits, length of time spent on your IDXPro search page, number of listings viewed, whether or not he has a HouseTrack™ activated, and if so, how many times has he clicked on a link in those emails. All this information can help you determine how interested each visitor is and therefore how hot a lead.

3) How do I get more detail on a client’s searching activity?
In addition to the client activity report in your LeadTracker section, you can also view each client’s activity detail by clicking on his/her name. In this section, you will see the client’s contact information and more details on each of the listings he’s viewed. You can tell how many times he’s viewed each listing and if he has saved any specific searches or listings to come back to review at a later date.

4) Can I document the status of the client within my IDXPro system?
Yes! You can use the “View/Edit Clients” link in the LeadTracker tab to view all your clients. When you find the one you want, simply click the “Details” link in the row where his name appears. On the “Client Details” page, you’ll be able to see an overview of the client’s activity and also make and record any notes about the client and whether or not you’ve spoken to him, emailed him, etc. You can also use the “Flag” drop down menu to denote status as well (Statuses available: active, emailed, sold it, called, opted-out, bad apple, new). These flags will also show up next to the client’s name in the Client Activity Report so you can easily view the status of an active client without visiting each record individually.

5) What are Saved Searches and Saved Listings?
When a visitor conducts a search on your IDXPro page, he has the option to save the search so he can come back and review the results at a later date. This is an excellent lead generating tool for you, as it requires the visitor to create a login for himself to access his saved search on your site. You’ll acquire the email address and name of the visitor during this account creation process. Visitors can do the same thing for a specific listing using the “Save Search” option on the listing detail page or even on the search results pages.

6) What kind of options do I have for the overall look and feel of my IDXPro page?
You have several options. You can choose the photo and logo you’d like to upload that will appear on every page of your IDXPro search service and you can decide how that banner will display. You can also choose from several designs and styles to apply to the overall IDXPro application, giving your search pages a professional look and feel.

7) What is HouseTrack™ and how do I use it to get clients?
HouseTrack is a service that sends automatic daily or weekly emails to homebuyers who have searched on your site. These emails serve to notify the home buyers of new listings on the MLS that match their search criteria. It’s a great way for your to establish a rapport with your clients, and it saves you the time of searching the MLS manually to check for new listings for each client! You can choose to get daily or weekly reports on who is receiving HouseTracks and you can even check your Client Activity Report to see who is clicking on the links to properties. HouseTrack emails have your branding on them and they also include thumbnail images of the matching properties.

8) What kind of registration options do I have for my visitors?
You have several options here. You can require users to register (with a name and email address) in order to view listing details pages (which is what we at IDXPro recommend), you can require registration to view search results, or not require registration to view search results or listings. You also have the option to put a phone number entry field on the registration page.

9) Is there a way for me to monitor in real-time, the leads I’m acquiring via IDXPro?
Absolutely! You can get email notifications each time a visitor activates a HouseTrack, registers on your site, saves a search or saves a listing. You also have the option to get CC’d on every HouseTrack email that goes out so you can closely monitor which client is receiving information on each listing.